Political Theory Project

Support the PTP

The Political Theory Project is proud to receive support from individuals and groups representing diverse political perspectives.

Donor Policy

The PTP strictly adheres to a policy of philanthropic partnership that we call Programming First. According this policy, the PTP — in partnership with Brown faculty, departments and senior administrators — always makes all programming decisions prior to making any requests for financial support from any individuals or foundations. In this way, our policy of Programming First strongly insulates all decisions about PTP programming from any particular interests of our donor partners.

We would like to especially thank our three largest donors:

  • Tom McWilliams ‘65, GP ‘16, GP’18
  • Thomas W. Smith Foundation
  • George Lindemann P’86, P’89, GP ‘15

Over 150 alums, parents, and foundations have made gifts to the PTP. Of these other supporters we would especially like to acknowledge:

  • Steve Price '84, P '18, P '20
  • Jania and Dean Ziff '81, P'14, 'P14
  • Charles Koch Foundation
  • Hope H Eiseman and Robert R. Grusky Fund
  • Jack Miller Center

We hope that you will take time to look at our website and see the diverse activities we host on Brown's campus. If you like our approach, we hope you will join the many other supporters of the the Political Theory Project.