Political Theory Project

Political Theory Project Grants for Student Programs

We invite Brown University student groups to submit funding proposals for programs relevant to the mission of the PTP.

Possible proposals may include but are not limited to:

  • Funding for a visiting speaker or speakers to deliver a lecture or panel discussion on campus (such speaker budgets typically include travel, lodging, and honorarium)
  • Funding for student research materials, travel, or registration expenses for relevant conferences
  • Publication costs student publications

Student groups interested in requesting funds should submit the following in their application packets for grant requests:

  • a brief description of the planned event or budgeted program
  • an estimated budget
  • a detailed cover letter which provides explanation as to how the program and or student group fits within the mission statement of the PTP and addresses a commitment to intellectual and ideological diversity. Tangible examples from the group's events, publications, and programs from past semesters should be included when relevant.

Proposals will be reviewed for approval by the PTP programming board and require at least two weeks for consideration, thus interested students and or student groups must plan accordingly.

Submit a proposal

If representative members of a student group have remaining questions or need advisory council regarding their grant proposal they should contact the PTP to schedule an advisory meeting.