Political Theory Project

PPE Society Fellowship Application Information

Applications are now open

Application Information

The PPE Society is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2021 academic semester. All qualified and enrolled students at Brown University, including incoming freshmen are strongly encouraged to apply. Please send the following application materials to [email protected]. Application materials will be anonymously reviewed by a committee of PTP faculty and staff for consideration. 

All qualified and enrolled Brown students, including incoming freshmen, are strongly encouraged to apply. Ideal applicants are those undergraduates contemplating an independent concentration in PPE or other similarly inter-disciplinary focused track and/or students pursuing independent research projects of an inter-disciplinary nature. The PTP and PPE Society are committed to diversity and inclusion along with ideological and methodological pluralism. Students from historically underrepresented groups are strongly encouraged to apply. 

The final deadline for applications to the Fall 2021 semester is September 24, 2021.


Application Materials

Your application should include:

  1. A cover letter explaining why you desire to participate in the PPE Society
  2. A current resume with accurate and up to date contact information (be sure to mention your year of entry and expected graduation year from Brown, along with your email address, physical address, and telephone number)
  3. An originally drafted essay (no more than 2500 words) in response to the following question: 

      What institutions and ideas are most responsible for contributing to the freedom, prosperity, and fairness of a society? What thinkers and or written works have you drawn inspiration from to develop your view? Are there alternative perspectives on this issue? Why do you find your answer preferable to other theories? What method of investigation and standards of evidence must be met to answer this question? What would it take to change your mind about any or all of the above?

      Application Submission

      Email your application materials to [email protected]

        Recipient Duties

        Recipients of PPE Fellowships will be required to fulfill the following expectations:

        • Attend and participate in all meetings of the reading and discussion group held approximately every other week throughout the academic year 
        • Attend and participate at each semester's Janus Forum lecture
        • Provide advisory council and recommendations regarding themes for reading groups and Janus Forum events for future semesters
        • Review and provide advisory council on student program ideas and grants submitted to the PTP